Creativity, Beauty, Elegance, and Comfort are the four principles that drive the work of the BHR Design Group, headed by Barbara Ross. It’s hard to start from scratch – allowing a clients’ dream of their home to be created, but that’s what we do . For over thirty years Barbara Ross has been using these benchmarks of design to provide her clients with the realization of their dreams.

– At BHR Design Group every project is unique, every design answer is tailor made to the specific needs of each client, quite simply each project unto itself.  We believe that your home should reflect you, your needs and your style.

Time is taken to discover and peel back the layers of a clients’ likes, dislikes, and requirements in order to reveal the core issues of each project before beginning the creative process.  This allows for not only the development of space planning conceived to answer specific needs, but also the creation of a bespoke design vocabulary a stylistic approach in furniture and furnishings that reflect the individuality of our clients.

Beauty – is in the eye of the beholder. Believing beauty can be found in many styles and tastes, BHR Design Group’s mastery of historic design from the 18th and 19th Centuries through the Modern movements, informs the creative decision making process aiding clients to find the best approach to their particular vision, through a process of discovery. It is in this journey that beauty is revealed, created, defined and made real.

Elegance and Comfort – are two qualities we believe go hand-in-hand. Good space planning, appropriate architectural details, properly scaled comfortable furnishings, inevitably makes daily living better. As Webster has stated, “Elegance: a refined grace, a dignified propriety and a solution of precision and simplicity”.

Scope of Services – BHR Design Group offers our clients a full scope of Interior Design Services including but not limited to those listed below. Please call us to discuss your needs.

  • Interior Design Conception
  • Consultation
  • Space Planning
  • Decorative Detailing  and Custom Cabinet Design
  • Color and Wall Treatment Development
  • Custom Furniture Design
  • Lighting Design – Fixture Selection
  • Furniture Selection